Residential Duct Sealing in Broward County, Florida: What You Need to Know

When it comes to performing work for heating systems that require duct sealing services in Broward County, Florida, there are certain considerations that must be taken into account. To start, air leaks should be sealed with putty or metal tape and any accessible ducts should be insulated (such as those in attics, mezzanines, unfinished basements and more). It is essential to inspect, clean and seal air ducts periodically in air conditioning systems in order to maintain their functionality and ensure good indoor air quality. The Aeroseal method is designed to seal duct leaks from the inside of the system by using small sealant particles that act on the leaks without covering the inside of the duct.

The frequency of cleaning and sealing air ducts depends on various factors such as usage, environment and type of system installed. The warranty provided by Mid Florida Heating & Air Aeroseal is the strongest in the industry and covers parts and labor for 10 years in case of any failure in the Aeroseal seal. However, the Aeroseal seal itself has been proven to last for decades. The sealing particles are directed to the leak points (joints, joints, voids) of the duct network and adhere to the edge of the opening and begin to form a seal.

Holes and cracks in the ducts can cause high levels of dust in the home, so it is essential to determine if the ducts need to be cleaned before sealing them with Aeroseal. Aeroseal seals air leaks in air ducts to help improve the air supply capacity of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. The cost of sealing air ducts varies greatly depending on the details of each job. Additionally, sealing the ducts is one of the best home improvement you can do from an energy standpoint.

This is an important question that both homeowners and contractors ask us about sealing ducts with Aeroseal in homes. Even new duct systems can have metal-to-metal joints that aren't properly sealed, so it's important to prepare for the appointment and to clean and seal air ducts. A well-designed, properly sealed duct system can make your home more comfortable, energy efficient and safe. To ensure optimal performance and good indoor air quality throughout the space, it is important to regularly inspect, clean and seal air ducts in air conditioning systems.

For professional duct sealing services in Broward County, Florida, contact Mid Florida Heating & Air Aeroseal.

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