Understanding Building Code 116.1 in Florida: What Property Owners Need to Know

The Marion County Building Safety Department has recommended changes to the Marion County building code to the Marion County, Florida Board of Commissioners. The Board of County Commissioners wishes to modify Chapter 5.5 of the Marion County Code to promote safety and security. According to the code, any structure that is not protected against unauthorized entry will be considered unsafe and must be dismantled and removed or put to safety. If a building or structure needs to be repaired or demolished in accordance with the provisions of this code, the cost of such repair or demolition, including all related administrative, advertising and notification expenses, shall be charged to the land on which the building or structure existed as a right of retention or may be recovered in a lawsuit against the owner. It is essential for property owners in Florida to understand building code 116.1 and its implications for their property. They must be aware of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to maintaining their property in accordance with the code.

Additionally, they should stay informed about any changes that may be made to the code so that they can make sure their property is up-to-date with all regulations. In order to ensure compliance with building code 116.1, property owners should consult with a qualified professional who can provide advice on how best to maintain their property in accordance with the code. This will help them avoid costly repairs or demolitions and ensure that their property remains up-to-date with all regulations. By understanding building code 116.1 in Florida, property owners can ensure that their property is safe and secure and compliant with all regulations. This will help them protect their investments and avoid costly repairs or demolitions.

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